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You are here because you want a website that will convert your leads to clients as well as a digital strategy that will boost your growth. Our premier services will absolutely help you achieve that.

Web Services

We understand that a great website needs to take into consideration factors such as usability, the user interface and journey, goals and objectives, target markets and localisation. That's why we pay close attention to UI/UX development. Furthermore, we use the latest approved standards, Content Management systems (e.g. WordPress, Drupal), eCommerce plugins & platforms (e.g. Woocommerce and Magento) and frameworks (e.g. React, Django) to bring your vision into reality. Depending on your goals and objectives, we shall recommend the best tools to use.

Digital Strategy

Marketing is not always about splurging money on running ads. In order for businesses to grow, effective management of social media profiles has to be put in place. This will not only enable you to transform your leads (prospects) to customers but also convert them to brand ambassadors of your work. A powerful digital strategy requires time and patience but in the end, the results are overwhelmingly great. St. Boss will work with you and your team to journey towards realizing your full business potential.

Selected Work

A glimpse at our expertise combined with the client's vision. These projects were tailor-made to the client's satisfaction. We put in lots and lots of effort to ensure client satisfaction.

Client: Millennials Speak

The company: A social enterprise that seeks to bridge the gap between decision-makers and the youth.
Challenge: Creation of a virtual pitch deck in the form of a website.
Solution: Development of a responsive, mobile and tablet friendly website with a clean UI/UX layout.


Client: Manasseh Baraka

The company: Excellency Mentors is an LLC that provides mentorship services.
Challenge: Increase awareness of the company's services.
Solution: Development of a responsive, mobile and tablet friendly website to promote their extensive and impressive portfolio.

Brands that have become family

100% client satisfaction is what we always aim for. If our client is not happy then we are not yet done. Our clients come from various industries ranging from NGOs, schools, retails, construction companies and social enterprises.

“People should find happiness in the little things, like family – Amanda Bynes”

You come with the idea. We come with the tools. We make magic!

Customer Reviews

They loved our services, I bet you will too...

The work on creating my website has made a significant impact on the visibility of my business. The site was made on time and there was a full engagement between the team and I. The result was pretty remarkable. I can confirm it was definitely great work done!

Manasseh Baraka

Founder & CEO Excellency Mentors

Saint Boss holds so much promise for the future. Services offered are phenomenal and the customer relations is fantastic. It's only a matter of time before it to becomes a household name.

Ian Njoroge

Founder & CEO Pivotal

We were impressed with the speed and quality of their work. These two rarely if ever, go together.

Ngatia Muhoya

Founder & CEO Millennials Speak


Learn more about the services we offer and some of the questions we have gotten from clients just like you. Feel free to contact us if your concern has not been met.

Web design is the process through which a website is built and strategically structured to make navigation intuitive and enjoyable, with a pleasant presentation. Think of it as a blueprint for your house. Website development, on the other hand, is the process of conveying the design in an architecturally-friendly manner on a development platform. Website development consists of various coding techniques, the most popular being HTML and CSS.

We offer logo development services here at Saint Boss so you will have nothing to worry about.

A mobile-friendly website includes design principles that make a site easy to use and navigate regardless of screen size or hardware. It allows your website to be viewed accurately and effectively across tablets, computers, and cellphones.

Design and development principles cut across all industries. That is why we believe that even though we have not delivered a project within your industry we are more than capable of doing so.