Wix vs WordPress. Which one to choose in 2021.

Wix vs WordPress

Creating a website is not easy. It requires time, money, technical knowledge and patience. There are however platforms that make it easier to build websites and that is where Wix (the new cool kid on the block) and WordPress (the real O.G) come in.
If you have heard of Wix, then it is probably through their massive advertising campaigns or seen it listed on most Instagram profiles. It seems like an easy and fun way to build a website. Then there is WordPress, a content management system that has been used by most people to create websites.
So, let’s pit the two against each other to see which one is a better platform to use

  1. Ease of Use.

Wix is one of the easiest website builders to use since it does not require you to install any software and you can edit everything in your browser. You simply sign up and choose from a collection of templates within your category of choice.

Image of Wix eCommerce

WordPress on the other hand requires a bit more technical knowledge. It has a couple of extensions and plugins that are not very easy to install. You definitely need to follow some tutorials if you are a beginner to learn how to navigate through them.


2. Designs and flexibility

Wix comes with many fully responsive templates that are highly customizable. This is really helpful as it allows you to customize your designs to your liking. 

WordPress however allows you complete control over your website. You can tweak your CSS and HTML code to modify your template’s code to get a more personalized website.


3. Security

Wix takes security out of your hands. You do not have to take care of it. All you have to do is set up your password and use two-factor authentication and other people will make sure your site is safe.

WordPress is a bit more old school. You need to stay on top of core updates, check for various errors, and choose the right host. In case it is not clear enough, you handle everything! It is not that bad though since they do offer you plenty of plugins (and it has many) to keep your site safe.

So this depends on you. Do you feel secure leaving the security of your website to others?

Remember, a website is only as secure as the owner makes it, so this one is a half point for WordPress.


4. Support

Wix offers both call-back and templated messages support. The only problem with templated messages is the amount of times it takes to get your issue resolved if it is a bit more complex. While their knowledge base is huge, some issues are a bit more specific.

WordPress also has a huge knowledge base but that is all it offers. However, most plugins and themes receive support from their developers. This is pretty cool though. It is almost like having a photographer to tell you how to pose.


5. SEO

Wix does not have the best reputation for SEO. It takes a bit too long to load and automatically names images when you upload them. Problem is, they are named cryptically e.g. d4bbbbc26731e9~mv2.png which does not work well for image SEO.

WordPress, on the other hand provides the right plugin(s) for SEO making your options limitless. Yoast is a great one but there are also very decent alternatives available.


Ultimately, WordPress wins when it comes to the Wix vs WordPress battle.


  • Enables its users to customize every single aspect of their website. 
  • Provides numerous plugins for everything e.g. security, SEO
  • Has been here for a while now and there are hundreds of articles and tutorials available for tackling any issues you might encounter.
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