1Icare Senior Living

The Objective

The objective of this amazing project was to create a website that would enable residents within McKinney and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metropolitan Area to be aware of the services 1Icare Senior Living is offering. The second objective was to create a simple and easy to use website since the majority of their clients are senior citizens.


Our Approach

Understanding what the potential clients for 1Icare Senior Living would be was our initial step. This particular group is less tech-savvy that the millennials therefore the brand message and the simplicity of the brand message were at the core of our design & development. The website having been built during the COVID-19 pandemic period, the team at Saint Boss had to work together with the team at 1Icare Senior Living to make sure the facility is COVID-19 free and inform their potential clients of the same. The team also went with a yellow brand colour since the colour represents happiness and joy which is another message the company wanted to communicate to all who landed on their website.


The Results

The final result of the project was an exquisite website that is simple to use with an amazing user experience that enables 1Icare Senior living potential clients to easily contact them as well as find them geographically.

Project Info
Country: USA