The Objective

This is a continuous project, with Karen Barski, founder of Woombie. The objective of this project is to create visibility for Woombie products on social media and to build engagement between Woombie and its customers. The Woombie Organization is located in Atlanta, GA, specializing in the design of original & innovative baby and toddler products, mostly with the theme “Swaddle Snuggle Sleep.”

Our Approach

Understanding Woombie’s target audience needs was vital as it enabled us to have a clear view of content. From here we were able to build a content approach that not only focused on selling but rather celebrating the mothers, enabling them to feel heard and seen. We also incorporated giveaways as part of the content strategy to allow new mums to have a first-hand experience of the Woombie products.

The Results

As a result, Woombie’s social media numbers have increased drastically and there is constant engagement between Woombie and its customers, increasing its brand positioning and visibility as the go-to for baby and toddler products.

Project Info
Country: USA